1st Hermanus Sea Scouts

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This is what Felix did at the watercharge course;

  • We did have classes on the green board (Rob Callenan)
  • We did some navigation in class too.
  • Putting the mast into the mast step.
  • This is a saldanha dingy with the "gaff" sail - sail can be lowered and raised independantly of the mast
  • Where the gaff meets the mast in a slide (the boom meets the mast in the same way on a different rail).
  • The main sheets (for contoling the boom/main sail)
  • The main sheets has a pully sytem to give you more power
  • How to cleat off the lanyard that hoists the gaff or Jib.
  • The dolly for getting the boat in the water at the jetty (note the sea weed mess).
  • Boats brought along side (very little wind).
  • Sailing!
  • The crew on the boat
  • Sailing away!
  • Video (on the boat). (on some computers - please right- click and then choose "save target as" from the drop down list, then open the file to view the video)
  • The wind is in the sail (this was actually a very light breeze)
  • My report on the water charge course of July 2008.

    I have been on the course and found it to be excellent for those who doesn’t know anything about water activities. It covers everything – names of everything on/of boats, commands when sailing and pulling, 1st aid, rules to avoid collisions, navigation, capsize and man overboard drills, anchors, theory of sailing and practical sailing as well as practical pulling, coming along side, gypping, tacking etc.

    I still need to help on two courses for juniors and do 20 hours of sailing to get the actual badge.

    Thank you Robert Callanan for a great course as well as Evan smuts, Alistair, Nigel and Steff the chef disguised as a port captain.

    Written by Felix