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Witels Kloofing Hike

12, 13 February 2011

Below are some pictuers of the hike, and above is Josie's report plus comments from the hikers. All I will say is that it was a challenge (allways a good thing) and that sleeping in the kloof is magical, with bright stars and water sound.

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Greyton Uitkyk hike

3, 4 January 2011

Mitch, Deejay, Matthew, Aaron and Felix went on this hike. Aaron is Matthew's friend and not a scout (yet).

On Monday morning (3rd Jan) it was overcast cool and looking like rain in Hermanus, fortunately Sunny weather was forecasted for the next two days. Sunny was an understatement, it was 40.5 degrees in Greyton on Tuesday afternoon.

We arrived in Greyton at 09:15 and started hiking at about 09:40. We did a short walk up the kloof and had a swim even though it was still cool and overcast. It became warmer and the scouts did lots of frog and crab catching. We left the swimming place at 12:45 and started the hike up the mountain, we didn't get far when we had lunch at 13:00. Making and eating 2min noodles took only 20min and we were on our way again.

The hike up should take about 4hours (3hours walking 1 resting), but due to the heat/ lack of shade/ tired feet and legs it took about 3 hours longer. This time was spend sitting in the path and playing "the animal game™®©". This involves one player to think of an animal and then the other players may ask yes/no questions to try and guess what the animal is. The player to guess the animal first is the next player to think of an animal. We had Warthog, Tasmanian devils, flies, scorpions, humans, horses, stick insects, cheetahs etc.

When we got near the top we were welcomed by the barking of a troop of baboons. Fortunately this is a wild troop and is very wary of people as they do not know them. We weren't bothered by the baboons at all. We got to the top, but I could not find the specific cave I was looking for. Fortunately we found another suitable one and we all found a place to put our sleeping bags. This was at about 20:00

We had pasta for supper, and some hot chocolate and cookies for dessert. I would have thouhgt the scouts would be asleep the second after putting down their heads, especially after such a tough walk, but they were still giggling well after 22:00.

At about 01:00 a very strong gusty wind started blowing and continued all through the night. Some of the scouts got into their survival bags to keep the wind out. Early the next morning I got up while the scouts were still asleep to go and fill up our water supplies at a stream a little higher as there was no water on our way down and we used lots of water for the washing up the previous night. I thought I was a stealthy rabbit, but as I was leaving I was followed by Deejay. Us the early worms weren't caught by any birds and we saw a beautiful view of an ocean of cloud in the valley below.

We had breakfast of oats (the scouts claimed it was carrot flavour) and it was not a hit, most of it were emptied behind a secret bush due to being too runny or too squishy or too cold or too much.

The way down was uneventful except for Mitch stumbling onto a scorpion. It took us 3 hours to go down (from 09:00 - 12:00). I'm sure it would have taken much longer if the scouts didn't know there was a swimming spot waiting below. We had a light lunch of provitas, sardines, fish paste and jam at the swimming spot below. We also went a little deeper into the kloof and the scouts had a chance to jump into deep water from high boulders. This was a hit, apparently because "it lets your heart stop for 2 seconds". I don't know if that's good or bad.

The general consensus amongst the scouts was that they did about 51km up and 9km down and that they never want to do it again. In fact it was 5km up with a climb from 280m to 1100m (820m), and the same down. Every year this mountain is covered in snow, hopefully we can do this same hike again during the winter this year perhaps 30, 31 July snow dependant. Notice will be pretty short as the snow doesn't stay long.

When snowing. Google Graph of the incline

Written by Felix

  • Group - at start
  • Deejay swimming
  • At water
  • Master chef Aaron and the 4 ninja bunnies
  • Matthew and Aaron on route
  • Mitch having lunch
  • Group - feeling tired
  • Our company - The baboons
  • Supper
  • Bed time
  • The kloof at the top
  • Group - with Greyton in Background
  • Scorpion in path
  • Group - Near the end
  • Aaron and Matthew with Frogs at kloof bottom