1st Hermanus Sea Scouts

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Rowing camp

26, 27 August 2009

Weather - Thursday - Sunny and warm, windy in the late afternoon, Friday - Sunny and warm.

The eight participants;

  • Rogan
  • Josie (Just for the Thursday)
  • Caleb (from DK scouts)
  • Joey (from DK scouts)
  • JC
  • John
  • Pete
  • Felix
  • We did a overnight camp to test our rowing boats. After meeting at the hall, installing row locks and getting everything ready We went to Prawn flats and got the two rowing boats afloat. It was a battle against the wind (not head on,but from the side) to get to Stanford and Wortelgat area on the other side of the lagoon. We were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful camping spot by wortelgat and made pressure packs for supper. We planned to row back the next day, but because of a broken row lock the scouts took a ferry of Wortelgat camp that was going to Heramanus anyway and the scouters drove the boats back.

    Written by Felix


  • Inspecting other people's fish.
  • Caleb making pressure packs
  • Rogan eating a pressure pack with nothing but a knife.
  • Puma telling scary campfire stories.
  • Stokbrood.
  • Next day.
  • Lizard.
  • Walking to the lagoon to be showed where the ferry is.
  • Getting ready to be ferried to Hermanus.

  • Swellendam Hike

    24, 25, 26 July 2009

    The 19 participants (more or less from left to right);

  • Dewlad(D/K scouts)
  • Jan (Josie's dad)
  • Ruan (Guillaume's and my friend)
  • Lady from Ben's work
  • Rogan (1st Hermanus)
  • Josie (1st Hermanus)
  • JC (1st Hermanus)
  • Sara (1st Hermanus)
  • Ben (Ex DK scout hike master)/li>
  • Michelle (1st Hermanus)
  • Joey (DK Scouts)
  • Gavin R(DK Scouter)
  • Jared (DK Scouts)
  • Guillaume (EX DK springbok Scout)
  • Matthew (DK Scouts)
  • Gavin M (DK Scouter)
  • Not in picture; Heleen (Ben's wife) Mellissa (DK Scouter) Felix (Hermanus Scouter)
  • I'm not writing anything on this hike, please someone else send me something! send it to felix5@webmail.co.za

    Written by no one yet

  • Youtube video by Ben.

  • Up we go (Jared Joey Matthew).
  • Can you spot the scouts on the jeep track?
  • Ben, Heleen and Dewald.
  • Dewald strugglig along.
  • A tad bit of snow.
  • Joey Jared Matthew and JC cooking / playing with matches and burning the hut down.
  • Jan and Josie cooking.
  • Sara and Michelle .
  • In the hut.
  • Looking out the hut.
  • Breakfast on a rock.
  • Jared and Matthew hiking along.
  • Joey and Dewald hiking along.
  • Dewald and Joey at a stream.
  • On our way home.

  • Beach Hike (halfway to Gansbaai and Back)

    25 May 2009

    Weather - Slightly overcast cool with onshore (north) breeze and low tide in the morning, strong west wind in the afternoon.

    The five participants;

    The start was at Grotto beach parking lot at 8am. Everyone walked briskly in the cool morning air with an unsure sort of feeling in the air. We weren’t entirely sure how the day would unfold. Anoushka complained that the walk was way too long before we even did 1km and refused to walk any further. Some gentle persuasion had to take place. We did 5km and had a tea break at 9:30. Josie made sweets consisting of marshmallow peanuts and chocolate all mixed together the day before and we all had some. We felt so good after the break we did another 5km and had more to eat at 11:00 as lunch. Along the way we passed a place with a small cave that used to have a door with the name “die paradys” or “mierkom” on the map. This is near strange rocks that is quite soft, I am surprised they have not worn away completely, they can’t be very old, I wondered how they formed. We also saw a seal just relaxing in the water, some snails, jellyfish and birds.

    By now we did 10km in total and headed back via the dunes on a jeep track. Immediately we became hot because we were away from the cool onshore breeze and realized we were a bit tired. However we had to walk to return and implemented mind over matter. The dunes seemed to carry on forever and somewhere in them we saw lots of interesting plants and a puff adder. Finally we reached the beach again about 4km from the finish at “die polle”. The last 4km along the beach was the longest part of the hike, we had to walk directly into the wind and it wasn’t pleasant.

    The hike was 22km in total and everyone was quite pleased with the achievement in the end. We hope to do more day hikes in the future.

    Written by Felix


  • Snailprints on the sand.
  • Prints of a gull taking off in red.
  • At the small cave room with a door in the rock "Die Paradys".
  • Jan and Josie in the rock.
  • At "Die polle" on the 1: 50 000 map.
  • A seal in the waves if you strain your eyes.
  • People fishing in the distance.
  • Vegitation just behind the dunes.
  • Josie and Jan crossing the dunes.
  • Rogan crossing the dunes.